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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Past Rising Star Lectures


Jes Sanders, M.D., General Surgery Resident (Joseph Leventhal and James Mathew Lab)
Leveraging Antigen-Specific Regulatory T Cells as Adoptive Cell Therapy in Organ Transplantation


Cara Smith, Ph.D. Candidate (Samuel Stupp Lab)
Supramolecular Netrin-1 Mimetic Nanofibers for Enhanced Neuron Growth and Functional Recovery Following Spinal Cord Injury

Randy Atwal, Ph.D. (Shana Kelley Lab)
LEAPFROG: Large-Scale Cell Profiling Based Discovery Engine


Rebecca Keate, Ph.D. Candidate (Guillermo Ameer and Jonathan Rivnay Labs)
Conductive Polymer Form Influences Composite Properties and Cell Response


Michael Vincent, Ph.D. Candidate (Evan Scott Lab)
Controlling Interactions at the Nano-Bio Interface to Enhance Drug Delivery Vehicle Performance

Tristan Clemons, Ph.D. (Stupp Lab)
Superstructured Biomaterials Formed by Host-Guest Interactions in Supramolecular Polymers


Silvia Minardi, Ph.D. (Erin and Wellington Hsu Lab)
How to Grow Bone

Sijia Yi, Ph.D. (Scott Lab)
Cardiovascular Immunotherapy: Engineering Nanocarriers for Selective Modulation of Inflammatory Cells


Charlotte Chen, Ph.D. Candidate (Stupp Lab)

Pathway Complexity in Supramolecular Biomaterials Affects Therapeutic Efficacy: Considerations for Clinical Translation


Andrea S. Carlini, Ph.D. (Nathan Gianneschi Lab)

Cyclic Peptide Progelators: Structurally Dynamic Biomaterials for Heart Tissue Engineering



Sean Allen, Ph.D. (Scott Lab)

Rapid, Sterile, and Clinical-Scale Synthesis and Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers for Applications in Nanomedicine



Kaylin McMahon, Ph.D. (C. Shad Thaxton Lab)
Bio-Inspired siRNA delivery: Progress Towards Nucleic Acid Therapies for Cancer

Ronit Freeman, Ph.D. (Stupp Lab)
Instructing Cells with Dynamic Peptide-DNA Supramolecular Materials

Joseph Uzarski, Ph.D. (Jason Wertheim Lab)
Re-Building the Kidney: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives on Whole-Organ Kidney Bioengineering

Christopher Synatschke, Ph.D. (Stupp Lab)
Hybrid Materials from Supramolecular Peptide Amphiphiles and Functional Covalent Polymers


Armando Hernandez-Garcia, Ph.D. (Stupp Lab)
Peptide-siRNA Supramolecular Particles for Efficient Cell Transfection

Sungsoo Seth Lee, Ph.D. (Stupp Lab)
Supramolecular Sugars for Sweeter Regenerative Medicine

Eduard Sleep, Ph.D. (Stupp Lab)
Peptide Amphiphiles as Extracellular Matrix Mimics for Cell and Protein Encapsulation and Delivery

Charles Rubert Perez, Ph.D. (Stupp Lab)
Mimicking the Bioactivity of Growth Factors Using Supramolecular Structures

Edward Moreira Bahnson, Ph.D. (Melina Kibbe Lab)
Improving Arterial Surgery Outcomes: Combating Restenosis with Nanotechnology and Redox Modulation

Adam Jakus, Ph.D. (Ramille Shah Lab)
A 3D-Painted Future: New Materials for Tissue Engineering, Energy, Advanced Structures, and More


Job Boekhoven, Ph.D. (Stupp Lab)
Bioinspired Strategies for the Creation of Supramolecular Materials