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Selected Publications

Nitric Oxide-Delivering High-Density Lipoprotein-Like Nanoparticles As A Biomimetic Nanotherapy For Vascular Diseases
Rink, JS; Sun, WQ; Misener, S; Wang, JJ; Zhang, ZJ; Kibbe, MR; Dravid, VP; Venkatraman, S; Thaxton, CS
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces2018, 10, 6904-6916.

Residual Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate In Decellularized Muscle Matrices Leads To Fibroblast Activation In Vitro And Foreign Body Response In Vivo
Friedrich, EE; Lanier, ST; Niknam-Bienia, S; Arenas, GA; Rajendran, D; Wertheim, JA; Galiano, RD
Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine2018, 12, E1704-E1715.

Sustained Micellar Delivery Via Inducible Transitions In Nanostructure Morphology
Karabin, NB; Allen, S; Kwon, HK; Bobbala, S; Firlar, E; Shokuhfar, T; Shull, KR; Scott, EA
Nature Communications2018, 9.

The Utility Of Stem Cells In Pediatric Urinary Bladder Regeneration
Iannaccone, PM; Galat, V; Bury, MI; Ma, YCC; Sharma, AK
Pediatric Research2018, 83, 258-266.

Creating A Stem Cell Niche In The Inner Ear Using Self-Assembling Peptide Amphiphiles
Matsuoka, AJ; Sayed, ZA; Stephanopoulos, N; Berns, EJ; Wadhwani, AR; Morrissey, ZD; Chadly, DM; Kobayashi, S; Edelbrock, AN; Mashimo, T; Miller, CA; McGuire, TL; Stupp, SI; Kessler, JA
Plos One2017, 12.


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