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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute


Selected Publications 

Atheroma Niche-Responsive Nanocarriers for Immunotherapeutic Delivery advance-mat.png
SI Peters, EB; Tsihlis, ND; Karver, MR; Chin, SM; Musetti, B; Ledford, BT; Bahnson, EM; Stupp, SI; Kibbe, MR
Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2019, 8, 1801545.

Electrostatic Shape Control of a Charged Molecular Membrane from Ribbon to Scrollpnas-paper.png
Gao, CR; Kewalramani, S; Valencia, DM; Li, HH; McCourt, JM; de la Cruz, MO; Bedzyk, MJ
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2019, 116, 22030-22036.

Novel Anti-Angiogenic PEDF-Derived Small Peptides Mitigate Choroidal Neovascularizationex-eye-res.jpg
Sheibani, N; Wang, S; Darjatmoko, R; Fisk DL; Shahi, PK; Pattnaik, Bikash R; Sorenson, CM; Bhowmick, R; Volpert, Olga V; Albert, DM; Melgar-Asensio, I; Henkin, J 
Experimental Eye Research, 2019, 188, 107798.

Reversible Self-Assembly of Superstructured Networks  science-pscore.png
Freeman, R; Han, M; Alvarez, Z; Lewis, JA; Wester, JR; Stephanopoulos, N; McClendon, MT; Lynsky, C; Godbe, JM; Sangji, H; Luijten, E; Stupp, SI
Science, 2018, 362, 808-813.

Bioactive Nanofibers Induce Neural Transdifferentiation of Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells 
acs-pscore.pngJi, W; Alvarez, Z; Edelbrock, AN; Sato, K; Stupp, SI
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces201810, 41046-41055.

Design and Application of a Fluorogenic Assay for Monitoring Inflammatory Caspase Activity analytical.jpg
Ranganathan, R; Lenti, G; Tassone, NM; Scannell, BJ; Southern, CA; Karver, CE
Analytical Biochemistry, 2018, 543, 1-7.

Enhancement of Peptide Vaccine Immunogenicity by Increasing Lymphatic Drainage and Boosting Serum Stabilitycancer-imm.png
Moynihan, KD; Holden, RL; Mehta, NK; Wang, C; Karver, MR; Dinter, J; Liang, S; Abraham, W; Melo, MB; Zhang, AQ; Li, N; Le Gall, S; Pentelute, B; Irvine, DJ
Cancer Immunology Research, 2018, 91025-1038.


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