• John Rogers unveils first biodegradable implant
  • Stupp group reports in Science on new bio-inspired materials with amazing dynamic properties
  • Department of Energy awards $12 million to renew funding for the Center for Bio-Inspired Energy Science
  • John Rogers Lab Redefining Wearable Technology with Soft Electronics
  • Underwater robots and nerve iterfaces: new research from Jonathan Rivnay
  • Erin Hsu and Wellington Hsu are co-recipients of the 2018 Mentor of the Year Award bestowed by the Medical Faculty Council
  • John Rogers' wearable sweat-monitoring devices approach widespread distribution through start up Epicore, housed at SQI-Evanston
  • Stupp Lab redefining stem cell therapy with nanotechnology


John Rogers Device

John Rogers will receive the 2018 MRS Medal for his pioneering contributions to materials for diverse classes of bio-integrated electronic systems.



Ps Core instrument

Office for Research honors Peptide Synthesis Core with 2018 Outstanding Core Facility Award.


New Research

Samuel Stupp

The Stupp group has designed bio-inspired highly dynamic soft materials that can transform in shape, move, and disassemble on demand.



Sean Allen 10.24.18
Rising Stars of SQI Seminar
Chicago Campus


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