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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Services, Rates and Ordering

We provide standard and custom peptide synthesis, purification, and characterization on scales that range from 0.05–2.0 mmol that yield anywhere from single-digit mg to grams of final purified material.

Our services are available à la carte where any or all services may be necessary, or can be used for a given project.

We also offer training and self-service use on some of our services/instrumentation as well as project consultation and peptide design assistance. Technical service and lyophilization charges are added to full-service orders as needed.


Please note that rates are for Northwestern University researchers as well as for Chicago Biomedical Consortium (CBC) Open Access members. If you are an external user and you'd like to inquire about rates, contact the core director.

This table contains information about the Peptide Synthesis Core equipment rates.
Full-Service Self-Service External Users
Single Peptide Setup* (Per Synthesis) $270 $200 Inquire
Multiple Peptide Setup* (Per Synthesis) $350 n/a Inquire
Analytical HPLC (Per Injection)
$45 $35 Inquire
Standard Preparatory HPLC (Per Injection)
$95 $75 Inquire
Large Scale HPLC (Per Injection)
$245 n/a Inquire
Molecular Weight Determination (Per Sample)
$14 $14 Inquire
LCMS (Per Injection)
$55 n/a Inquire
Vortex Evaporation Full Service (Per Sample)
$25 $20 Inquire
Training, Consultation, Data Analysis (Per Hour) $110 n/a Inquire

 *Additional charges are required per amino acid based on scale desired.

We specialize in making non-standard and custom modified peptides such as the incorporation of unnatural amino acids, dyes, drugs, biotin, PEGs and click chemistry components. For a custom quote or for more information on our services please contact the core director