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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Research Areas

At the Simpson Querrey Institute (SQI) our research falls into one or more of the four research areas outlined below.
Regenerative Medicine images

Regenerative Medicine

Our institute's research in regenerative medicine seeks to direct and enhance the body's own repair mechanisms to grow new functional tissues. Advancing the field requires interdisciplinary research with contributions from the life, physical and engineering sciences.

Targeted Nanotherapeutics

Nanotherapeutics combines chemistry, materials science and medicine to rationally engineer nanosized structures with the ability to influence cell fate and direct biology during the treatment of disease.

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Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials

The design and synthesis of advanced materials is a core capability that underlies all of the investigative areas at SQI. By addressing experimental needs across a range of research areas, SQI is in a prime position to create cutting-edge materials that enable development of new, highly functional materials.

Bio-Integrated Electronics

Bio-integrated electronic systems represent breakthrough technologies that bridge the gap between biological systems and existing electronics technology. The goal is to develop unheard of sensing, diagnostic and control systems to improve healthcare outcomes.

Bio-Integrated Electronic