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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute



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What to Bring for Your Analysis

ANTEC does not provide disposables or small equipment (pipettes) for your experimental needs.

Equipment Specifications


The Cytation™3 by BioTek is a cell imaging multi-mode microplate reader that combines automated digital microscopy and conventional microplate detection. This design provides phenotypic cellular information and well-based quantitative data and it is capable of autofocus and auto exposure. The Cytation3 evaluates microplates (6-384 wells), flasks (T25), and histology slides and offers top and bottom reads. A TAKE3 Plate accessory enables 2 µL quantification of nucleic acid and protein of either 16 or 48 samples at a time. Other accessories include BioTek 405LS plate washer, CO2/O2 gas control, 2x, 5x, 20x and 40x magnification objectives, temperature control up to 45° C, Shaker (orbital and rotational), 16 bit gray scale CCD camera, DAPI, Texas Red, GFP filters and LED cubes.


Automatic cell counting and sub population analyses, fluorescence, absorbance, luminescence, spectral scans.

Technical Specifications

This table contains technical information about the Cytation3 and what kind of analyses it can perform.
Fluorescent Intensity

Monochromators: Top Fluorescein 2.5pM typical (0.25 fmol/well 384 well plate)

Bottom Fluorescein 5pM typical (0.25 fmol/well 384 well plate)

Light Source: Xenon Flash lamp  
Wave length selection: Double grating monochromators (top and bottom)
Wavelength range: 250-700 nm

Fluorescence Polarization

Sensitivity: 5mP at 1 nm fluorescein typical
Wavelength range: 320-700 nm

Time-Resolved Fluorescence


Europium 1200 fM typical

Wavelength range:

250-700 nm



< 20amol ATP typical

Wavelength range:

300-700 nm


Wavelength range:

230-999 nm, 1 nm increment

Dynamic range:

0-4.0 OD


0.0001 OD


Acknowledging ANTEC

Please acknowledge the use of ANTEC equipment when data obtained in our core is published, used for proposal submissions, or included in your presentations! Acknowledgement helps demonstrate ANTEC’s value to the Northwestern University Research community and contributes to our efforts to secure funding for new instruments and services. See sample text.