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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute


The Simpson Querrey Institute (SQI) has two research centers, each focused on a different area of cross-disciplinary research.
CRN researcher

Center for Regenerative Nanomedicine

Supported by a gift from the Querrey Simpson Charitable Foundation, the Center for Regenerative Nanomedicine (CRN) fosters bold new research in regenerative medicine using nanotechnology strategies. Collaborations funded through our CRN Catalyst Awards aim to transform regenerative medicine in the future.

Center for Bio-Inspired Energy Science

Sponsored by an Energy Frontier Research Center award, the Center for Bio-Inspired Energy Science (CBES) aims to explore the next frontier in soft materials by discovering and developing structures that emulate properties we see in biological systems.

This research can lead to artificial materials that rival living ones in the remarkable and useful ways they manage energy.

Bishop-Glotzer research image