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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Services, Rates and Ordering

The following rates apply to Northwestern University users.

Researchers outside Northwestern may apply for access to use the ANTEC Facility. Contact Alexandra Kolot at (312) 503-6708 or for information on external rates and access.

This table contains information about the ANTEC equipment rates.
Equipment Rate
Azure300 Chemiluminescent Gel Imager $2.00 per minute
Centrifuge $14.00 per use
Centrifuge PCR Plates Spin $1.00 per use
CFX Connect Real-Time PCR $9.50 D, $8.00N per hour
Cytation3 Cell Imager and Plate Reader $18.50D, $8.00N per hour
IncuCyte Live Cell Analysis System $2.00 per hour
InVivoF Fluorescence Imager $7.00 per hour
Lyophilizer $33.00 per use
Microplate Reader M5 $7.00 per hour
Nanosight300 (SQI Evanston) $23.00 per use
Plasma Cleaner $2.00 per minute
Rheometer MCR302 $10.00D, $8.00N per hour
Zetasizer Nano ZSP $23.00D, $8.00N per hour
Dry Ice $0.45 per ounce
Liquid Nitrogen* $2.55 per liter
Liquid Nitrogen for Cell Storage $0.55 per liter
Orientation, Training, User Supervision $66.00 per hour
DDay time, peak hours 7:00 AM-6:59PM
NNight time, off-peak hours 7:00 PM-6:59AM
*Flat rate for all usage except lyophilization. Liquid nitrogen for lyophilization is rolled into the lyophilization rate.