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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Services, Rates and Ordering

The following rates apply to Northwestern University users.

Researchers outside Northwestern may apply for access to ANTEC. Contact Alexandra Kolot at (312) 503-6708 or for information on external rates and access.

This table contains information about the ANTEC equipment rates.
Equipment Rate
Azure300 Chemiluminescent Gel Imager $2.15 per minute
Centrifuge Long Spin $14.70 per hour
Centrifuge Short Spin $2.00 per minute
CFX Connect Real-Time PCR System $15.00 D, $10.00N per hour
Cytation3 Cell Imager and Plate Reader $28.00D, $10.00N per hour
Freezer/Mill $18.00 per hour
IncuCyte Live Cell Analysis System $2.45 per hour
Lyophilizer $36.00 per use
Nanosight300 (SQI Evanston) $38.00 per hour
Plasma Cleaner $2.00 per minute
Piuma Nanoindenter $36.00 per hour
Rheometer MCR302 $15.00D, $10.00N per hour
Zetasizer Nano ZSP $38.00D, $10.00N per hour
Orientation, Training, User Supervision $74.00 per hour
Commodities Rate
Dry Ice $0.55 per ounce
Liquid Nitrogen* $0.60 per liter
Liquid Nitrogen for Cell Storage* $0.90 per liter
DDay time, peak hours 7 a.m.-6:59 p.m.
NNight time, off-peak hours 7 p.m.-6:59 a.m.
*Flat rate for all usage except lyophilization. Liquid nitrogen for lyophilization is rolled into the lyophilization rate.