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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Regenerative Medicine

Our institute's research in regenerative medicine seeks to direct and enhance the body's own repair mechanisms to grow new functional tissues.

Interdisciplinary Research

Advancing the field requires interdisciplinary research with contributions from the life, physical, and engineering sciences. At SQI, researchers share expertise across disciplines and have access to state-of-the-art facilities to develop cutting-edge innovations. Cross-disciplinary teams are investigating a range of conditions that will benefit from regenerative medicine such as spinal cord injury, heart and vascular diseases, degenerative joint conditions, neurological disorders, wound healing, bone damage and organ failure.

Real-World Clinical Solutions

Surgeons and physicians at SQI guide the research toward real-world clinical solutions that meet current medical challenges. SQI materials scientists and chemists design new materials and structures drawing inspiration from biology to control cellular growth and processes. SQI biologists explore the fundamental mechanisms of cellular growth and development using in vitro and in vivo models to refine the materials' needs. By working closely, these interdisciplinary teams can rapidly progress toward impactful, translational innovations.

The Center for Regenerative Nanomedicine provides early-stage funding incubating high-risk, high-reward investigations setting the stage for larger-scale, externally funded research necessary for translation.