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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Sumanas W. Jordan

  • Assistant Professor of Surgery, Plastic Surgery Division
 PhD (2010), Emory University
MD (2010), Emory University

My research interests broadly lie in the area of 3D-printed bioactive materials for tissue engineering. Since my graduate work on bioinspired vascular grafts, I have believed that bioactive materials that take advantage of the body’s innate mechanisms of homeostasis and regeneration are a key to biocompatibility. Plastic and reconstructive surgeons aim to restore form and function to tissues lost to trauma, cancer, and other conditions. Though I am trained in complex microsurgical reconstruction, including free tissue transfer and supermicrosurgery for lymphatics, I believe that thoughtful biomaterials and tissue engineering have the potential to serve as powerful adjuncts or even to replace these surgeries. Specific clinical challenges include the reconstruction and restoration of muscle function following peripheral nerve injury and replacement of lost or diseased muscles. Electroconductive biomaterials, such as graphene, hold promise for engineering electrically active tissues including muscle and nerve. 3D-printing technology allows for custom scaffold architecture, 100% pore interconnectivity essential for tissue ingrowth and vascularization, and tunable material properties. The objective of my research is to design novel materials that will co-regenerate skeletal muscle, nerves, and glial support cells.

Areas of Interest

3D-Printing, Peripheral Nerve, Skeletal Muscle, Neuromuscular Interface