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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Nathan Gianneschi

  • Jacob and Rosaline Cohn Professor of Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, and
    Biomedical Engineering

PhD (2005), Northwestern University

The Gianneschi group focuses on how nanomaterials interact with cells and tissues, with an interest in synthetic materials programmed with biomolecules for delivery systems, enzyme-responsive targeting systems, and gel-forming materials for IV injection of self-assembling probes and therapeutics. Our work involves the development of fluorescence, and MRI-contrast agent labeled polymeric and nanoparticle systems for multimodal imaging, tracking, and delivery. These materials and other targeted delivery systems are investigated in mouse and rat models of human disease.

In the case of cancer, we aim to target immunotherapeutics and chemotherapeutics by
capitalizing on fundamental properties of the tumor microenvironment. In the case of our work
on heart disease, we aim to deliver materials capable of aiding and promoting the healing process following heart attack. Furthermore, we have programs supporting basic research efforts in the development of responsive materials and “smart” nanoparticles as well as a large program focused on developing new techniques for the discovery of functional nanomaterials.

This work is supported and underlined by a heavy emphasis on the development of advanced characterization tools for capturing dynamics of self-assembled nanoparticles in solution and complex nanoscale materials in biological milieu including the in vivo and ex vivo analyses of targeted tissues.

Areas of Interest

Biomaterials, Nanomedicine, Nanoscopy