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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Monica Olvera de la Cruz

  • Lawyer Taylor Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Professor of Chemistry, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Physics and Astronomy
  • Director, Center for Computation & Theory of Soft Materials

PhD (1985), Cambridge University

Through theory and simulations development, the Olvera de la Cruz group has determined the thermodynamics and dynamics of macromolecules in topologically restricted environments and in complex media, including multicomponent solutions of heterogeneous synthetic and biological molecules such as amphiphiles, copolymers, and nucleic acids. The group’s work has generated a completely revised model of ionically driven assembly. It has also demonstrated that electrostatic interactions lead to spontaneous symmetry breaking of ionic fibers and membranes and showed their relevance to biological functions and to the design of biomimetic materials.

Areas of Interest

Self-Organization, Multicomponent Solutions, Biomolecules, Amphiphiles, Electrolytes, Polymers, Theory, Simulations

Image showing protein encapsulation