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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Ayush Batra

  • Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pathology
MD (2011), Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Batra is a physician-scientist with training in critical care neurology and vascular brain injury. His research bridges immunology, vascular biology, and neuroscience, and seeks to understand inflammation-mediated mechanisms of acute neurologic injury. Using novel imaging techniques that examine changes in the cerebral vasculature as well as markers of the acute inflammatory response, he studies pathways involved in immune-mediated neurologic injury.  

Batra’s clinical and scientific focus is also targeted toward developing novel approaches to treat acute cerebrovascular diseases through cellular therapies and bionanotechnology. Therapies that go beyond blood flow restoration are urgently needed to improve neurologic recovery and long-term outcomes in patients with ischemic stroke. A deeper understanding of the acute immune response in ischemic stroke is fundamental to the successful application of therapies designed to mitigate early neuronal injury and enhance neurologic recovery.

Areas of Interest

Neuroinflammation, Cellular Therapy, Cerebrovascular Biology, Ischemic Stroke