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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Oliver to receive Benditt Award for contributions to vascular biology

SQI member Guillermo Oliver has been selected to receive the 2021 Earl P. Benditt Award in recognition of his work to better characterize the lymphatic system, the North American Vascular Biology Organization (NAVBO) announced. The award honors a scientist who has made an outstanding discovery or developed a concept that has been seminal to the understanding of vascular biology.

Guillermo Oliver

Oliver is the Thomas D. Spies Professor of Lymphatic Metabolism at Northwestern and the director of the Center for Vascular and Developmental Biology at the Feinberg Cardiovascular and Renal Research Institute. He is known for his pioneering research on the lymphatic system, including identifying Prox1 as the first specific marker for lymphatic endothelial cells.

Previously regarded as passive conduits for fluid and immune cells, lymphatic vessels are now recognized as active factors in major physiological and pathophysiological processes including obesity and metabolism, cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders, glaucoma, inflammatory processes and cancer.

“The creation of the next generation of scientists is arguably the most important contribution a senior scientist can make, and in the case of Dr. Oliver he has populated an entire field of vascular biology,” Oliver’s nominators wrote, according to NAVBO. “This is a lasting legacy for both Dr. Oliver and vascular biology that is in the true spirit of the Benditt Award.”

Oliver is scheduled to formally receive the award Oct. 24 at the Vascular Biology 2021 conference.