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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

SQI core receives 2018 outstanding core facility award

SQI’s Peptide Synthesis Core received the 2018 Outstanding Core Facility Award, sponsored by Northwestern University’s Office for Research.  Only three core facilities at Northwestern received this designation.  Outstanding Cores rank in the top 10% of all cores across the university, based on metrics such as service, outreach, education, financial management, facility operations, and feedback obtained from the annual user satisfaction survey.

Winners in the Outstanding Core Facility category will receive a commemorative plaque and special recognition at the upcoming Core Facilities Colloquium and Awards Luncheon.   The award also provides a $2,000 voucher for discretionary use related to the operation of the facility.

“We last received this prize in 2015, and we’ve improved dramatically since then. It’s good to see our efforts recognized,” said core director Mark Karver.  While he does not yet have concrete plans for how the funds will be used, Karver spoke with enthusiasm about the impact of this award. “We have recently added new technical staff in the Peptide Core.  With this distinction and award funding, we can continue to expand our user base, increase our highly successful outreach activities, and tackle more difficult peptides and projects.”