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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Hosted Startups

One way we facilitate translation of technology is by hosting inventors and their startup companies based on Northwestern technology, especially technologies that are developed in the Simpson Querrey Institute for BioNanotechnology (SQI) laboratories.

In addition to providing incubator space in our laboratories and offices when available, equipment and services offered by the SQI core facilities are open to startup companies.

Companies hosted by SQI include Amphix Bio, Dimension Inx, Epicore Biosystems, NeuroLux and Zylem Biosciences.

Amphix Bio logo

Amphix Bio

Amphix Bio develops synthetic nanofibers that are designed with biological signals to direct cell behavior for tissue regeneration. These nanofiber formulations are liquids or soft gels, making them ideal for minimally invasive therapies to promote regeneration in cartilage, muscle, bone, heart, brain and spinal cord tissues.

Dimension Inx

With its unique and proprietary 3D-Painting technologies, Dimension Inx provides an extensive range of innovative material products compatible with advanced manufacturing processes, including 3D-printing, as well as final manufactured product and service solutions for a wide variety of medical and non-medical industries.
Dimension Inx logo
Epicore Biosystems logo

Epicore Biosystems

Epicore Biosystems has developed low-cost and skin-like wearable microfluidic solutions that are capable of noninvasively measuring sweat biomarkers and physiology, in real time. Founded in 2017, Epicore has partnered with Fortune 100 companies, the Department of Defense and leading research hospitals to drive personalized care with wearable microfluidic products.


NeuroLux has developed a fully implantable and ultralightweight system to facilitate optogenetic testing and data. SQI faculty member John Rogers co-founded this startup with three other collaborators in 2015.
NeuroLux logo
Zylem Biosciences logo

Zylem Biosciences

Zylem Biosciences is a startup biotechnology company developing targeted medicines that uniquely mimic features of natural biologics. Zylem’s lead compound (ZYL-001) directly targets pathologic cholesterol metabolism in cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions.