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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute


Support our innovative research.

The Simpson Querrey Institute for BioNanotechnology (SQI) at Northwestern University is leading the way in exploring bio-inspired science and technologies to address medical needs. Our cross-disciplinary team includes scientists, engineers and medical researchers who are making great advances and discoveries.

Within SQI the Center for Regenerative Nanomedicine is demonstrating the ability to guide and sustain stem cells; regenerate bone, cartilage, organs and tissues; and develop novel therapies to fight cardiovascular disease. 

But our work has just begun. Our founding gifts and grants have laid a solid foundation, but we still need the help of visionary sponsors to grow. That help can take a variety of forms: sponsoring new faculty or postdoctoral researchers or gifts that enable vital equipment purchases and expansion of the SQI laboratories.

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We are very interested in collaborating with potential sponsors for SQI. To begin the conversation, please contact Curtrice Scott. 

Curtrice ScottCurtrice W. Scott
Director of Development, University Research Centers and Initiatives
(847) 491-4981