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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

Zetasizer Nano ZSP

Description and Applications

The Zetasizer Nano ZSP from Malvern Instruments utilizes non-destructive light scattering technologies to measure molecular weight, concentration and zeta potential of particles ranging in size from 0.3 nm to 10,000 nm. Through particle size distribution, the Zetasizer provides insight into oligomer formation, hydrodynamic radius, and the onset of aggregation as a function of temperature, pH, concentration, and other factors. Zeta potential reflects the formulation stability and interfacial characteristics. The Zetasizer is equipped with integrated heating/cooling and allows for a chamber temperature range from 2 to 90° C. Concentration utilities software assists with determining the dilutions required for the specific type of test. 

The Zetasizer Nano ZSP measures size distribution and polydispersity of the sample; however, large particles in the sample have higher scattering light intensity and mask small particles. The Nanosight300, which is available at ANTEC's Evanston location, is complementary to the Zetasizer. NanoSight300 allows for the relative proportion of smaller particles in the sample to be determined; therefore, size distribution should be verified with the NanoSight300, which can detect particle populations exhibiting a 20 nm difference.


Acknowledging ANTEC

Please acknowledge the use of ANTEC equipment when data obtained in our core is published, used for proposal or grant submissions, or included in your presentations. Acknowledgement helps demonstrate ANTEC’s value to the Northwestern University Research community and contributes to our efforts to secure funding for new instruments and services. See sample text.