• Rogers group’s wireless sensors allow NICU babies to unplug and cuddle up
  • New wearable sensor may cut costs and improve access to biofeedback for people with incomplete paraplegia
  • John Rogers’ newest bio-integrated devices hit the mainstream press
  • SQI Director Samuel Stupp Named to National Academy of Inventors
  • 3 SQI Members named Highly Cited Researchers of 2018
  • Department of Energy awards $12 million to renew funding for the Center for Bio-Inspired Energy Science
  • Underwater robots and nerve iterfaces: new research from Jonathan Rivnay



SQI faculty member Jonathan Rivnay receives prestigious 2019 Sloan Research Fellowship.



Ps Core instrument

Office for Research honors Peptide Synthesis Core with 2018 Outstanding Core Facility Award.


New Research

Loreal Rogers Device

Jason Wertheim collaborates across Chicago to bring lab-grown organs closer to becoming a reality.




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