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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute


Description and ApplicationsFreezer Mill

The compact, benchtop Freezer/Mill from SPEX Sample Prep is designed for grinding and homogenizing 0.1-5 grams of temperature-sensitive, tough samples in minutes. The Freezer/Mill can perform these tasks on cartilage, bone/demineralized bone matrix, synthetic polymers (PLGA, nitrocellulose), natural polymers (collagen), and temperature-sensitive protein samples. It can also facilitate the preparation of desirable particle sizes for 3D bioinks as well as DNA/RNA/protein extractions.

Accessories include three sets of grinding vials: a polycarbonate set for metal-free grinding of delicate samples, a stainless steel set for samples incompatible with polycarbonate (both for sample sizes ranging from 1-2 g of polymer or 2-4 g of bone), and a microvial grinding set for samples between 30 mg and 200 mg. Frequent users are requested to acquire their own grinding vials.


Acknowledging ANTEC

Please acknowledge the use of ANTEC equipment when data obtained in our core is published, used for proposal or grant submissions, or included in your presentations. Acknowledgement helps demonstrate ANTEC’s value to the Northwestern University Research community and contributes to our efforts to secure funding for new instruments and services. See sample text.