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SQI: Simpson Querry Institute

SQI mourns the passing of Alexandra Kolot

The SQI community is mourning the loss of ANTEC director Alexandra Kolot, the longest-standing staff member at the Institute. SQI director Samuel Stupp shared this message on her important contributions to SQI and Northwestern University:

Alexandra Kolot

Alexandra was an exemplary member of the SQI staff for about 16 years. I remember how excited I was when I was able to hire her to manage our laboratories at the Institute. She was amazingly responsible, cared deeply about the SQI community, and worked tirelessly to maintain our administrative and research facilities in top shape so we could carry out our work. In this role she helped immensely not only SQI investigators of several generations, but the NU community at large by keeping the ANTEC core running perfectly at all times, even when she had to struggle with health issues. Her performance was simply outstanding, and I am sure all of us will always be extremely grateful for all she did during her years at the Institute. 

On the personal side, Alexandra was a wonderful human being. She cared a lot for her peers and investigators at SQI. She was always kind, warm, polite, and ready to help out with whatever was needed to keep our Institute running smoothly, especially during the difficult COVID period. We will all miss her terribly and it will be very difficult not seeing her in our hallways and labs. Hopefully the current pain of her loss will eventually transition to very fond memories of a remarkable person.