SQI Core Facilities

SQI Peptide Synthesis Core

The Peptide Synthesis Core Facility produces custom peptides for SQI members, NU researchers, and other local academic and commercial labs. Our facility provides expertise on the synthesis, purification and characterization of peptide-based materials. ...more


Analytical bioNanoTechnology Equipment Core (ANTEC)

ANTEC houses state-of-the-art research equipment which allows for evaluation of samples on cellular and molecular level. The core primarily serves Northwestern University researchers, and is open for visiting scientists and local industry researchers. ...more


Core Facility Contacts

Mark Karver

Director, Peptide Synthesis Core 312.503.6738

Alexandra Kolot

Assistant Director of Research Facilities, ANTEC 312.503.6708

Emily Ayello

Research Technologist 312.503.6725

Suvendu Biswas

Assistant Core Scientist 312.503.6725

Charles Bressan

Core Technician 312.503.6725




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SQI Cores

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Acknowledging the Cores


The SQI Peptide Synthesis Core ranked #2 in user satisfaction among all Northwestern University Core Facilities in the 2016 survey.