• Underwater robots and nerve iterfaces: new research from Jonathan Rivnay
  • Erin Hsu and Wellington Hsu are co-recipients of the 2018 Mentor of the Year Award bestowed by the Medical Faculty Council
  • John Rogers' wearable sweat-monitoring devices approach widespread distribution through start up Epicore, housed at SQI-Evanston
  • Stupp Lab redefining stem cell therapy with nanotechnology
  • John Rogers's bio-integrated "accessories" on exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • Dedication ceremony marks SQI's expansion to the Evanston campus
  • Shah Lab designs a variety of bioactive "tissue papers" to aid tissue and organ healing


Liam Palmer

SQI Director of Research Liam Palmer receives 2017 Omar Farha Award for Research Leadership.



ANTEC receives grant from the Office for Research to acquire a High Power Expanded Plasma Cleaner.

Job Opportunity Applications are being accepted for Assistant Core Scientist position in the Peptide Synthesis Core.


New Research

Shad Thaxton

Shad Thaxton's group formulated and delivered new therapeutic RNAs for
in vivo testing using their lipoprotein nanoparticle platform. The RNA duplexes, developed by Feinberg professor Marcus Peter based on repeating trinucleotide sequences present in Huntington's patients, induce cancer cell death.



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